• argan shampoo
    angel's curl  | advanced extra mild perm

    Is a revolutionary formula thio free or derivates free, and ammonia free, which allows to wave bleached hair, strongly decap and plenty highlighted hair, with maximum respect to the hair fiber. The delicate waving action is due a natural component derived from the cystein, hair structural amino acid of extraordinary affinity to hair structure. Both formulations of waving lotion and neutralizer are both enriched with botanical extracts, structural amino acids and PBBS™, the patented structuring balanced complex based on natural proteins with molecular weights between 150 mw and 1500 mw. The PBBS™ guarantees the integration of natural elements lost during the waving process, from the cuticle to the most inner cortex layer. The botanical extracts contained, together with specific humectant and soothing agents, add condition, shine and protection to scalp and hair. angel’s curl creates soft waves and curls respecting the delicate structure of bleached hair. 

    One formulation:
    WL  bleached / extremely chemically treated / colored at 40 vol. / heavily frosted hair                 
    Processing time: from 5 to 20 minutes. Test curl every 3 minutes. After rod saturation, set timer referring to the suggested times.
    N.B. If suggested processing time is passed, verify elasticity and resistance of hair ends every 3 min.

    Do not use heat source. Carefully read and follow indications outlined in the “instruction sheet”.

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