• argan shampoo
    pleasure oil | Pleasure oil hair & body emollient soft oil

    > An ideal formula to be used at the seaside or at the pool, to hydrate skin and hair or to be applied after the shower for a supple, moisturized and velvety skin. A delicate fragrance wraps the senses in a tropical holiday feeling with every use. 

    Use: shake well then vaporize and distribute on hair and skin. 
  • argan shampoo
    all over shampoo  | Hair & body moisturizing shampoo

    > A specific balanced formula based on a mix of nourishing oil, hydrating agents, vitamin E and sun filters.
    > Cleanses, protects and hydrates hair and skin.
    > Perfect at the seaside and at the pool, it can be used daily to obtain tonic, hydrated and vital hair and skin. 

    Use: distribute on damp hair and skin and massage then rinse. Repeat if necessary. It’s advisable to follow with beauty mask to optimize the restoring effect on hair. Do not swallow, for external use only, keep out of reach of children.
  • argan shampoo
    beauty mask  | Hydrating and nourishing hair mask

    > A rich intensive hair mask to be used after each shampoo to fight dehydration caused by sun, salt, wind and chlorine. 

    Use: apply on clean and towel dried hair. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse.
  • argan shampoo
    argan sun  | Argan oil treatment for all hair types

    > Thanks to its unique formulation with Argan oil, it instantly conditions the hair, giving it a healthy look, a smooth effect with volume and an incredible shine. Argan oil has a strong anti-aging action and naturally protects from sun rays. 

    Use: apply on damp hair, before sun exposure or before the desired styling.
  • argan shampoo
    sunscreen cream  | Body sunscreen emulsion with medium sun protection factor SPF 15

    > complying with EU Regulation no. 2006/647.
    > Emollient formulation with a maximum spread ability and easy absorption, ingredients with proven security and protection that protect, moisturize and nourish the skin. 

    Suggestions of use: 
    apply abundantly and homogenously on the skin (around 36 g) at least 20 minutes before sun
    > exposure and massage until it is totally absorbed. 
    > Repeat the application after bath, shower or in case of profound perspiration.
    > Caution! If the suggested quantity is reduced, also the sun screen will be considerably reduced.
    > Do not prolong sun exposure even if you are using a screening product. Keep babies and children away from direct sun exposure.
    > An excessive sun exposure is a serious risk for health.
    > Apply the screening product before exposure.
    > Repeat the application frequently to maintain the screening action, above all after sweating, bathing or drying.
    > Avoid sun exposure between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. 
  • argan shampoo
    absolute bronze  | tan deepener jelly with organic Argan oil

    > Gives absolute shine and leaves the skin soft and smooth, for a bright and long-lasting tan.
    > We recommend using it in the days before sun exposure to prepare the skin for tanning, and after sun exposure to prolong your tan. Use on dark or tanned skin.
    > Avoid contact with mucous membrane and clothes. For external use only, keep out of reach of children.
    > Attention this is not a sunscreen product, do not use during sun exposure.
  • argan shampoo
    sensual lotion  | After sun hydrating milk

    > A rich formula with a base of almonds, rice and argan oil, hydrating agents, vitamin E and sun filters creates a protective barrier and hydrates the skin, favouring tan maintenance.
    > Its hydrating and soothing action compensates the dehydrating effects of sea salt, sun and chlorine.
    > Sensual lotion leaves the skin velvety soft and shiny, enhancing and maintaining a longer-lasting tan. 

    Use: apply on the skin and massage till total absorption. 
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