Young, innovative and dynamic:
a new reality in the professional hair stylist market.
concept™ started in 1999 in the Italian professional sector, which is known as one of the most difficult and competitive regions in Europe. Within a few years concept™ reached amazing results being recognized by the professional sector experts as "the most innovative emerging brand of the latest years".
Created by its founder Ivano Panzeri with the aim of offering the hair stylist innovative proposals both technological and commercial, concept™ soon conquered a considerable share of the Italian market. Such a success has been reached thanks to the advanced technological research and to the effective and aggressive commercial and marketing strategy.
After the successful goals reached in Italy, concept™ started working also on international markets where the commercial and marketing strategy confirmed its effectiveness. The products are now exported to 26 foreign countries and continues its expansion by introducing the same strategy in every market. conceptTM, founded with the goal of supporting the hair stylist’s global development, does not merely offer a valuable range of products but also commercial ideas. concept™ helps communicate between the hair stylist and the customer thus improving the image of the hair stylist’s salon and offers stylistic and management training courses. 

International technology   

research laboratories in U.S.A. and Italy
advanced formulas 
ongoing and up-to-date research
on the edge of worldwide beauty market trend

Not only products
hair fashion collections
support and image in the salon
communication and advertising materials for the salon
high quality styling educational material
technical training
managerial training
affiliation: Glam Generation

Innovative product range
high quality
wealth of motivation
attractive packaging
innovative communication supports and concepts

Z-one Concept