• argan shampoo
    delicate permanent colour oil  | with nourishing oil complex

    Ammonia free colouring oil, moisture and nourish the hair. Enhances the colors and reflections to the maximum, leaving hair moisturized, smooth and glossy. A conditioning permanent colour which provides perfect grey coverage.
    The z.one color consultation
    • Check hair conditions, porosity and its color (natural, colored or mixed).
    • Together with the customer, choose the desired goal.
    • Examine the percentage of grey hair.
    • Examine if you want to darken or lighten and the quantity of levels, or colouring on the same level.
    • Choose the correct z.one H2O2 oxidizing emulsion, fitting to the colour service to perform.
    Mixing: prepare the colouring mixture just before using. Pour the colour amount in a non-metallic bowl and add the appropriate oxidizing emulsion in the proportion of 1 + 1 on all the colours (i.e. 50 ml of delicate permanent colour oil + 50 ml of milk_shake oxidizing emulsion). The oxidizing power choice will be done depending on the necessary level lift. (see technical book).
    Application: apply the mixture on dry, unwashed hair. (Only in case of very oily hair or full of styling products residues, shampoo it previously).
    Rinsing: at the end of the processing time, add a small amount of lukewarm water and emulsify to tonalize, then rinse out thoroughly and shampoo with a z.one moisturizing shampoo.

Z-one Concept